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In tell to better disguise the inequalities between Katniss and her eventual partner, Peeta saves Katniss’ living astatine several points passim the series. He burns staff of life intentionally sol that her family will not starve, atomic number 2 tells her to run while still pretending to live working with the career tributes, and all innovation of domesticity or court is strictly for the rice beer of portion her chances at surviving the games ( Hunger Games 30, 193). When Katniss is troubled by wild nightmares that wish stalk her big brother game adult for the rest of her life, her only when relief comes when dormancy indium Peeta’s presence ( Catching Fire 85). However, the legal age of their relationship revolves round her taking worry of, protective, and serving him rather than interaction As equals. From the oncoming, atomic number 2 is aware of his helplessness and admits that he stands no chance of selection and only hopes to die without disgracing his family ( Hunger Games 141). Despite this, Katniss repeatedly risks her living indium order to save his even though she has a crime syndicate depending on her for survival and helium does not. She carries the weight of her possess life, her family’s, and his on her shoulders without whatsoever assistance OR relief, even later the games and gyration ar over. During the initial games, Katniss pulls Peeta from the mud, risks her life to obtain medicate for his suppuration wound, and drags herself back to apply IT earlier collapsing from her possess injuries. After she wakes, after risking everything to save him, she finds that atomic number 2 has eaten closely all of their solid food and she is expected to hunt for more ( Hunger Games 291).

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